Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Everything You Ever Wanted To know for most people, weight management is right a top priority. In fact, a survey of common NewYear’s resolution turns up weight loss as one of the most common resolutions. That’s where there are thousands and thousands of weight loss programs, diets, and products bombarding your senses everywhere you look. While some of these diets and programs work really well, most of them don’t, or worse, they can adversely affect your health. Essential oils, when combined with the right diet, can help you manage your weight without any of those nasty side effects. The essential oils infuse a nice fragrance in your diet and help reduce cravings while boosting your metabolism. That makes essential oils versatile tools in your weight loss armory.

Here’s how you can use essential oils to manage your weight. Applying on SkinExperts advise rubbing essential oils on your feet for maximum effect. In holistic healing, practitioners believe that different parts of the bottom of the foot match up to different organs in the body. Applying essential oils on the feet is the best way to get the oils to the various parts of the body. Also, the bottom of your feet is the least sensitive real estate of skin, which means chances of irritation are close to zero. You are not limited to rubbing the oils to the sole of your feet. You can also apply them to your wrist as a perfume.

Applying essential oils to your skin helps:Improve your moods, lessening the chances of stress eating, Alleviating stress and anxiety, Improving your immune systemBoosting your digestive system. You can also ingest some essential oils. However, make sure you only use good quality oils from a reputable company, not cheap oils from the discount store or even the organic store without knowing the source.

You should consider consulting your caregiver before adding any essential oil to your meals. Adding a drop or two of essential oils to a cup of yogurt, water, or other foods is an extremely efficient delivery system, be sure not to use plastic as most plastics have loads of toxins, and the oils will attach to these toxins and try to get rid of them causing you to ingest them.

Here’s a handy list of some essential oils that are FDA approved to ingest and are the ones I used to drop weight.

  1. Lemon vitality oil.

Why: Lemon oil has natural detoxification properties as well as potent regenerative properties. Lemon oil helps cut down the fat in your body, which means it helps you lose weight. At the same time, experts note that it boosts the body’s energy levels, which means you operate at optimal conditions, even when you are on a low calories diet.

2.Lavender vitality oil.

Why: Reduces stress and keeps you calm, keeping you calm and boosting mental activity. Lavender oil can help you stay focused on your goals, such as losing a couple of pounds.

3. Cinamon vitality oil.

Why: Helps boost metabolism, balances blood sugar levels helping prevent energy crashes and sugar cravings.

4. Citrus Fresh vitality oil.

Why: Citrus fresh is a blend of citrus essential oils that helps pull toxins from the bodies visceral and shrink the fat cells. I like to take 2-3 drops Cinnamon vitality oils, and 3-4 drops Citrus Fresh in a 00 capsule and drink it with sixteen ounces of water.

Results may vary the oils I used can be purchased here (Disclaimer f you order, I get a paycheck, but I give gifts and much more to those who do)

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